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Important GTwifi and eduroam Service Change Thursday, April 19, 2018 5AM

The certificate for GTwifi (and eduroam) will be updated on April 19th, 2018 at 5AM. If you experience problems connecting to GTwifi or eduroam, the simplest solution is to delete your connection configuration on your device and rejoin. For more information see here.

About LAWN - Introduction

The Georgia Tech LAWN (Local Area Walkup & Wireless Network) is designed for students, faculty, staff, and institute guests who are mobile network users. The LAWN gives mobile users access to the Internet and most campus computing resources. LAWN access is available from nearly every building on campus including offices, labs, classrooms, student residence halls, and some outdoor spaces. Some campus locations, the library and many classrooms for example, also provide wired (Ethernet) LAWN ports. Wireless devices on campus will be see the following LAWN WiFi networks (SSIDs).

  • eduroam is a secure world-wide roaming authentication service which allows users from participating members of the research and education community to connect to WiFi networks when visiting eduroam community member locations. eduroam allows GT users to access Wi-Fi throughout the campus and when traveling. Visitors from institutions participating in eduroam to login to LAWN without the need for guest sponsorships or visitor passes.

  • GTwifi will be replaced by eduroam in the summer of 2018. GTwifi provides a way for WPA2 Enterprise wireless devices to connect to LAWN using GT accounts and passwords. GTwifi capable devices store login credentials so they do not need to be provided on every association.

  • GTother provides a connection method for wireless devices that are not enabled with WPA2 Enterprise authentication and thus cannot connect to the eduroam or GTwifi network. GTother uses WPA2 with PSK (pre-shared key) authentication and web based authentication of users.

  • GTvisitor is the commercial wired and wireless network service for campus visitors providing seamless wireless mobility throughout the campus, and is available at all wireless locations on the Atlanta and Savannah campuses, including the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center.


This service is provided to authorized clients only.
Unauthorized access to this service is prohibited.

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